Sunday, 20 February 2011

30 kermit the frogs

Friday marked our school's annual birthday, this year being its 131st. It is arguably the one day of the year where we are allowed to 'let loose' a little, which is a slight understatement. Rather deafening chanting in the corridors, warrior striped cheeks and dance competitions summarise the day, not forgetting the finale at the end, where the 4 school houses compete to win the much sought after 'Belitha Cup'. This year, my house, Watson, sadly did not win for what would have been the 3rd year in a row, but we came in a close 2nd. And you know what they say, 1st the worst, 2nd the best...
Before I shower you in green images, I will explain why my friends and I resemble Kermit the Frog; each house has a colour - either blue, green, red or yellow, and Watson's colour is green. Here are some snaps from throughout the day (not the best quality but they're just to give you a general feel of the atmosphere!)

Hope you're all having an excellent half term if you're English, if not then I hope you're just generally having a nice week!
P.S Jessie J is fast becoming a guilty pleasure of mine, 'Price Tag' is adorable! Thoughts on her?



  1. lol at charmaine. eurgh hate jessie j, she's annoying. meh our cake was better :)

  2. kermit the frog? more like alien :)

    I love jessie j but Price Tag has started to annoy me. Listen to who you are - it's amazing xx

  3. That's such a lovely tradition :)
    Glad you had fun!

    Rosie x

  4. oh girl, you seem to have fun. thanx for visiting my blog and your comment. I love the name of your blog. so keep on having fun

  5. aww great day. a shame we didn't have any annivesary T__T

  6. wow 131 years that's such a long time! the school that i went to is under 30 years old! anyways, let me know if you want to follow each other :)

  7. Awwww, you seem to have had such an amazing time!

    Have a nice week!
    Froso from Style Nirvana

  8. aww you're so lovely! thank you! i am following back now :) x

  9. Awww sounds rather fun, wish my school did that aha. Thanks for the wonderful comment, new post up!

  10. letting loose in school is such an awesome feeling. what fun photos.

  11. Hello!

    I've noo idea how I stumbled upon your blog but I did somehow. I like your blog. I think it's cute and I love the background and everything. I'm not English but I'm studying here for Uni. =)

    I don't reeally like Jessie J. Don't hate her. But her songs don't stick in my head.

    have a nice day. it's likely I shall drop by again!


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