Thursday, 31 March 2011

catchup timez

Oh my actual GOSH, hello. 

I do apologise, my blogging habits are like my usual obsessions; intense and creepily avid for a couple weeks, then utter flops, until I remember them a month later and eat myself with guilt and disappointment. I am back 4 GOOD this time, I promise.
Well well well, so much has happened since my last blog post regarding the School Birthday, I cannot deem appropriate a place to begin. Right, I will start with my recent live music accomplishments, as I have become quite the concert raver.
On the 10th March, a few friends and myself spontaneously went to see the delightful Plan B in concert at the 02. Admittedly, I actually detested him before going, but the bribe of free tickets and Wagamamas beforehand entised me into going. After the concert, I can safely say that he has transformed me into sort-of liking him, as it was actually a very fun evening! After arriving home at 12am, school the next day was understandably brutal.

Awful picture quality. Taken on a short pitstop to the 02 toilets. I am in there somewhere, poking my head through pathetically.

My next big concert rave was precisely a week later, on the 17th March (Happy Birthday to vickileestyle at Vintage Stop for that date!) Again, a last minute invite from a friend meant the two of us apallingly navigating our way through the London Underground to reach to 02, where we met her lovely aunty who escorted us to our seats to see none other than Mr Justin Bieber! Luff him or h8 him, he put on an outstanding show, which was enhanced by our fabulous (on the house) seats! It was a brilliant evening, which however resulted in me quite literally catching Bieber Fever and being sick from school the next day. 

I was going to carry on this post and move onto the more blog-appropriate topic of our school fashion show which occured a couple of weeks back, but I'm afraid that it'll drag out and become a bore, so for now, short and sweet is the answer.

Thank you as always for reading, and for my 2 followers that joined through my absence-of-blogging period!
I lurv comments.


  1. :O How could you detest Plan B? He is amazing. and jb....jealous. Was Bluey Robinson there? I have been in love with the guy forever :) xx

  2. LOL getting bieber fever and being ill hahahah :) love your denim jacket i really want one! :)

  3. Well hello.
    Glad you finally decided to get back on :)
    I have never been to a concert D:

  4. lol my friends went to see jb too - they're insane!
    thanks for the lil mention there ;) ox

  5. LOL JB, he was in my city a few months ago I believe and many of my college friends actually went to see him. I guess the fever has reached an all-time high lol. Looked like fun though ;)


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