Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Halló vinir mínir*,

I hope you are doing considerably better than I am at the moment; I had an utterly mindblowing headache yesterday, (in a negative way, definitely a negative way) for which I missed school (yay!). By the evening it had almost completely gone, so I decided to pack my school bag and get ready for school tomorrow (which is now today, and now I'm confusing myself so I shall hush.) I was perfectly fine and my usual annoyingly jolly self the whole day, only when I arrived to P.E, and remembered that we were doing Health Related Fitness this term, did I wish I had temporarily broken my leg for the hour. The lesson consisted of exhausting sprinting shuttles. 18 OF THEM D:
So back to the present: Both legs are utterly dead, although my (once non existant) biceps are feeling a little tougher...ha.
Last post, I blogged about how it was a friend's birthday party on the following weekend, which turned out to be awesome! I thought that Little Fockers was a LOT better than critics gave it credit for, and I'm nornally very harsh when critiquing films. The cinema was then followed by TGI Fridays, which was yummy as per usual. Here are a few snaps of the evening! :

^ Me and the birthday girl (she's on the right) doing Asian poses. ;)

Until next time,


*'Hello my friends 'in Icelandic.

Friday, 14 January 2011

week 1: ✓

Hello all! (By all I mean very few, but it's nice to be addressed in a wholesome manner.)

Just a quick note, ultimately to say that I've neared the end of my first re*-blogging week, and it has been a successful one in my eyes! So thank you to everyone who has been commenting on my posts, it is tremendously appreciated! And so fun to read your lovely comments :') Have a fabulous weekend, wherever that may be. I myself am going to a friend's birthday party tomorrow, to see the much anticipated and apparently 'a let down of a movie' 'Little Fockers', which should be those who've seen it, is it any good?! That will be followed by a trip to TGI Fridays, which should be awesome as far as meals go! 
I thought I'd kickstart the weekend in style, with a little treat for my wonderful followers. Do enjoy:

Got to admit, I always feel a little guilty after utterly dying of laughter whilst watching this. But it just is SO funny. I particularly enjoy the purely evil laughter of the lady next to him.

Have a good weekend!

*Read my first post in case  you're confused about the prefix.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

chip + fish

Firstly, a big thankyou to everyone who has taken time out to comment on my blog, it literally puts the biggest grin on my face :D Keep them coming please, I love hearing what other people think!
Yesterday, I went to Westfield Shopping Centre with 8 friends as we had an inset day from school (Get in!). It was a rather relaxing and amusing day, although we didn't quite live up to the expectations of Westfield shoppers; most of our time, if I'm being honest, was spent eating/sitting on the sofas chatting :') I did acquire one item however, which was a hairband that I picked up in H&M. I have been lusting after one of these headband/hairbands for ages, and so for £1.99, not buying it wasn't really an option! My friend Sasha bought the same one as me, so we have organised a rota indicating which days we will both wear the hairband on, so as to save the embarrassment of coming to school both wearing the same one. You can see that we're highly cool..
 For lunch, I had a trusty meal of fish and chips, or as the menu rather oddly put it, 'chip + fish'. This was followed by coconut ice cream and a litre sized bottle of water, all of which I regretted when I arrived home with the biggest stomach ache known to man. It was a fab day, and if you live in London and haven't been to Westfield, (unlikely but there's always chance!) THEN GO!

I would love to hear your opinions on Westfield if you've been, leave me a note below! Also, opinions on what to wear with the headband would be useful and interesting :)

Sunday, 9 January 2011

sticky white rice

So today was rather awesome. Firstly, my Lego Harry Potter XBOX game arrived after 2 weeks of much anticipation, and I slightly died inside of happiness. It was just as beautiful as I had dared to imagine, perhaps even more. I'm not really one for video games at all, but when we're talking Harry Potter, I have to make an exception. The game was stunning, and the Lego Ron was just as much of a fitty as he is in the non-lego world, and OMG HE IS MOST DEFINITELY A FITTY. After [rather appallingly] playing the game for a while, it was time to shower and go to Kingston to meet up two of my rather babe-ish friends, Livvy and Rana. We ended up in Starbucks doing some intense Facebook stalking, which is always quite the rave. Livvy had to leave early so Rana and I wandered around for a bit, ending up in Wagamamas as we both had worked up our appetites. Upon sitting down in Wagamamas, I realised that I only had £2.30 left, which could buy like, nothing. We scanned the menu and came across two dishes that were within our price range; 'Sticky white rice' and 'Plain noodles', each for £2.15. We had no other option but to buy them, as we had kept the waiter on his feet for ages and it would have been incredibly rude not to order at this stage. The dishes arrived and I genuinely felt ill as I looked at mine. It was a snowball sized pile of rice in a petri dish. We both just looked at eachother and had the absolutely biggest laughing fit. After getting through our rather heavenly meals, we parted our ways and I arrived home and slumped on the sofa to watch ATAPS*. It's still on now- I forgot how much I was unhealthily obsessed with this movie in Year 7!

*Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging


Saturday, 8 January 2011

new leaf

Hello. I suppose this is the part where I should introduce myself, because it would be impolite not to. I'm Mariam and this is my clean-as-a-whistle new blog. It's not my first time blogging, as I had a blog before this one, but I grew to become incredibly sick of it and needed a change; hence this blog. Now that I've explained why I'm here, I think I shall share with you my 2011 New Years Resolutions, whilst we're in the spirit of newness*. Off I go...

1. First and foremost, to meet JLS, whom I utterly worship.
2. To raise the remaining £300 for my expedition to Croatia in May before the 1st Febuary. (Already failed that one, I can just sense it)
3. To go to either Mexico, America, Australia or Japan. (Both my parents are aerophobiacs so I will indoubtedly have a tough time persuading them on that one, yay.)
4. To learn, after utterly countless years of trying, to do a cartwheel.

*Is newness even a word? Confusion.

And there we have it, now you are that much more knowledgable about myself, obviously extremely useful for you. I hope this hasn't bored you, because I hate being bored and would ultimately detest knowing that I had bored someone else.

And one more thing you ought to know, I'm incredibly sarcastic so please try to keep up, because if you don't understand my sarcasm then you probably won't like me very much.