Friday, 14 January 2011

week 1: ✓

Hello all! (By all I mean very few, but it's nice to be addressed in a wholesome manner.)

Just a quick note, ultimately to say that I've neared the end of my first re*-blogging week, and it has been a successful one in my eyes! So thank you to everyone who has been commenting on my posts, it is tremendously appreciated! And so fun to read your lovely comments :') Have a fabulous weekend, wherever that may be. I myself am going to a friend's birthday party tomorrow, to see the much anticipated and apparently 'a let down of a movie' 'Little Fockers', which should be those who've seen it, is it any good?! That will be followed by a trip to TGI Fridays, which should be awesome as far as meals go! 
I thought I'd kickstart the weekend in style, with a little treat for my wonderful followers. Do enjoy:

Got to admit, I always feel a little guilty after utterly dying of laughter whilst watching this. But it just is SO funny. I particularly enjoy the purely evil laughter of the lady next to him.

Have a good weekend!

*Read my first post in case  you're confused about the prefix.


  1. Ha, that is hilarious. I've spent most of today looking at YouTube videos when I should have been doing my dissertation, but ah well!
    Completely worth it,

    Rosie x

  2. AHAAAAAAAA I love watching that video on youtube, it's tooo much jokes. And well done for week one :) x

  3. I always feel so sorry for him :(. Thanks for entering the giveaway, winner in my new post and hope there will be more giveaways soon. Plus hope you visit back:)

  4. Hahahhaah, what did you think of Little Fockers?
    Thank you for the comment, followed back :)
    Ella Jasmine

  5. LOOOOL. that video actually made me laugh although i do feel sorry for him :S

  6. :')

    stop it! x100000000000
    this hurts! x1000000000

  7. Mariam, you have such a hilarious writing style, I love it! Hope you had fun at your friend's party and please do tell us what you think of Little Fockers!


Go ahead, it would honestly make my day :')