Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Halló vinir mínir*,

I hope you are doing considerably better than I am at the moment; I had an utterly mindblowing headache yesterday, (in a negative way, definitely a negative way) for which I missed school (yay!). By the evening it had almost completely gone, so I decided to pack my school bag and get ready for school tomorrow (which is now today, and now I'm confusing myself so I shall hush.) I was perfectly fine and my usual annoyingly jolly self the whole day, only when I arrived to P.E, and remembered that we were doing Health Related Fitness this term, did I wish I had temporarily broken my leg for the hour. The lesson consisted of exhausting sprinting shuttles. 18 OF THEM D:
So back to the present: Both legs are utterly dead, although my (once non existant) biceps are feeling a little tougher...ha.
Last post, I blogged about how it was a friend's birthday party on the following weekend, which turned out to be awesome! I thought that Little Fockers was a LOT better than critics gave it credit for, and I'm nornally very harsh when critiquing films. The cinema was then followed by TGI Fridays, which was yummy as per usual. Here are a few snaps of the evening! :

^ Me and the birthday girl (she's on the right) doing Asian poses. ;)

Until next time,


*'Hello my friends 'in Icelandic.


  1. lovely pictures! those pictures are amazing :) really liking your cardigan and it's not too good to be ill since you always have like tons of work to catch up on :/

  2. ditto mary.
    you guys all look so stunning :)

    and i did NOT see you at the bus stop today before you said hi :(
    the incident is still haunting me.

  3. aww, headaches are the worst. /: i have a history of headaches and migraines, and i still have to take medicine every night to keep them away. you and your friends look super cute and happy, though!

  4. it looks like you had a really good time. i liked little fockers too, it has so many actors i love in it. TGI fridays is always a winner!

  5. since when did you get a new blog! :O
    love the background and the title.

  6. gr8 pics look likew u had fun plz follow back ps how did u get u rbackground its sooo gd

  7. Lovely pictures!!!

    but I especially love your blog background!!

    I am lover of lomography!!!

  8. I love how happy you guys look!! I love the outfits too!!



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