Sunday, 9 January 2011

sticky white rice

So today was rather awesome. Firstly, my Lego Harry Potter XBOX game arrived after 2 weeks of much anticipation, and I slightly died inside of happiness. It was just as beautiful as I had dared to imagine, perhaps even more. I'm not really one for video games at all, but when we're talking Harry Potter, I have to make an exception. The game was stunning, and the Lego Ron was just as much of a fitty as he is in the non-lego world, and OMG HE IS MOST DEFINITELY A FITTY. After [rather appallingly] playing the game for a while, it was time to shower and go to Kingston to meet up two of my rather babe-ish friends, Livvy and Rana. We ended up in Starbucks doing some intense Facebook stalking, which is always quite the rave. Livvy had to leave early so Rana and I wandered around for a bit, ending up in Wagamamas as we both had worked up our appetites. Upon sitting down in Wagamamas, I realised that I only had £2.30 left, which could buy like, nothing. We scanned the menu and came across two dishes that were within our price range; 'Sticky white rice' and 'Plain noodles', each for £2.15. We had no other option but to buy them, as we had kept the waiter on his feet for ages and it would have been incredibly rude not to order at this stage. The dishes arrived and I genuinely felt ill as I looked at mine. It was a snowball sized pile of rice in a petri dish. We both just looked at eachother and had the absolutely biggest laughing fit. After getting through our rather heavenly meals, we parted our ways and I arrived home and slumped on the sofa to watch ATAPS*. It's still on now- I forgot how much I was unhealthily obsessed with this movie in Year 7!

*Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging



  1. that rice looks yummy :P

  2. haha sounds like a wonderful day. thanks for following!! i'm following yours now, too. (:

    there's nothing like facebook stalking or hottiehot ron

  3. love this :)

  4. ynx for following, your blog is cute:))

  5. I do love rice but I'm sorry you didn't get more of it! :(
    Ron = <3
    And thanks for following - will follow back now,

    Rosie x


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