Tuesday, 11 January 2011

chip + fish

Firstly, a big thankyou to everyone who has taken time out to comment on my blog, it literally puts the biggest grin on my face :D Keep them coming please, I love hearing what other people think!
Yesterday, I went to Westfield Shopping Centre with 8 friends as we had an inset day from school (Get in!). It was a rather relaxing and amusing day, although we didn't quite live up to the expectations of Westfield shoppers; most of our time, if I'm being honest, was spent eating/sitting on the sofas chatting :') I did acquire one item however, which was a hairband that I picked up in H&M. I have been lusting after one of these headband/hairbands for ages, and so for £1.99, not buying it wasn't really an option! My friend Sasha bought the same one as me, so we have organised a rota indicating which days we will both wear the hairband on, so as to save the embarrassment of coming to school both wearing the same one. You can see that we're highly cool..
 For lunch, I had a trusty meal of fish and chips, or as the menu rather oddly put it, 'chip + fish'. This was followed by coconut ice cream and a litre sized bottle of water, all of which I regretted when I arrived home with the biggest stomach ache known to man. It was a fab day, and if you live in London and haven't been to Westfield, (unlikely but there's always chance!) THEN GO!

I would love to hear your opinions on Westfield if you've been, leave me a note below! Also, opinions on what to wear with the headband would be useful and interesting :)


  1. your headband is lovely, lol at the rota ;) mm i want fish and chips now!

    Vintage Stop at www.vickileestyle.blogspot.com

  2. I've been once a few weeks back and really loved it! It just looks so pretty and the food area is so nice just to sit in :) I had some Chinese food when I was there.
    Love your headband,

    Rosie x

  3. i have been dying for one of those headbands ! I haven't been able find one i love though : (


  4. Ooo nice headband! Your blog is so nice! Loving the background too <3


  5. cute new headband! welcome to the blogosphere :) I love your blog background...so cute!

    In Her Stilettos- An Austin Fashion Blog

  6. Such a cute headband!!! It looks like it has sort of a 50's flare - which may help decide what you want to wear with it!!



  7. Westifield is always crazy busy, unless on an inset day or early in the morning! Love the headband! Hope you can visit back, I've got a giveaway going on at the moment :)

  8. :D I am delighted to find you have resumed your blogging!

    i think a hot pink satin ball gown would look extravagant with the headband ;) but then again, people rarely listen to my fashion advices. i wonder why.. :'(

  9. Great blog! check mine too http://milaslookbook.blogspot.com if you like leave a comment and follow! =*

  10. I've been a couple of times when I was in London visiting my cousins and I thought there were some great stores! Also, loved the little pretzel samples at one of the stands, yumm!

  11. I want one! Great blog btw!

  12. Thank you everyone for your beautiful comments :'D

  13. I LOVE WESTFIELD SHOPPING CENTRE. Especially the restaurants and cafes they have. My bad, I'm a total food lover especially desserts!



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