Sunday, 15 May 2011



Today, I woke up half paralysed - my bones literally felt as though a tractor had rolled over me in the night and then reversed and then spun me and dropped me back in my bed - or something to that effect

  (Slightly uneccessary image but hey it's a ginger kid on a tractor)

 I grimaced as I remembered that tomorrow, Tuesday and Wednesday are going to be 3 of the most gruelling, crammed working days of my life, as I have both French and Spanish orals to learn (+ in some cases actually write..) So, naturally, I took an extra hour to crawl out of my deliciously warm bed and make myself some toast. I put jam on them, as I was feeling adventurous, woohoo. Upon switching on the TV, I found myself on the CBBC channel watching an old repeat of Tracy Beaker Returns, the one where they take a trip to the beach. Being a die-hard Tracy Beaker fan, I settled down to watch this blessed show.

Guilt eventually crept up on me, and so reluctantly I switched the TV off and made an attempt at learning some of my French oral answers. Even though I'm doing terribly (I've learnt 23/40 answers and it's in two days..), I am still doing surprisingly well in comparison to my fellow pupils and friends. The ones who I've spoken to have all learnt around 4-9. With this in mind, I decided to treat myself to some obviously hard earned leisurely time...

It was during this time. That I discovered. The magic of. BUBBLE TEA

Oh my GOSH.

I have admittedly never tried bubble tea, although after today it is my NUMBER #1 goal in life. This is how the story goes:

I was casually flicking through blogs and came across the cutest little blog. I won't mention the blog's name on here in case the author does not wish for it to be published but I shall ask and soon add it in, permission permitted. Anyhow, I had scrolled down a good month or so when I came across a post primarily on BUBBLE TEA. I'd previously heard of it, having a Taiwanese friend, but had never truly known what it was/what it consisted of. Google was a marvellous help - as always - and led me to understand that bubble/pearl tea is a tea made up of milk, ice and a variety of flavours, not forgetting the all important tapioca balls at the bottom that resemble mini bombs, à mon avis*.

Just a prewarning, these pictures nearly make me cry when I look at them, they're just so perfect. 

I have also managed to hunt down a local-ish Chaboba bubble tea café which I have persuaded mi madre to take me to. YIIPPPPEEEEEEEEEE. I'm worryingly excitable.

Who's tried bubble tea? Leave me a comment below if you like sharing your bubbly experiences, I'm genuinely so interested in this amazing drink O.o ♥

On a final, non-bubble-tea related note, I just found this picture and it is more than fair to say that it has utterly and absolutely shocked and blown my mind. I showed it to my family who laughed. And then resumed their work a second later. For some reason, I just stared at it for about 4 minutes straight, I cannot get my head round it. 

Thank you for reading, comments are like bubble tea. They make me happy

*In my opinion


Saturday, 14 May 2011

i got so many clothes i keep them in my aunt's house

Now, today's title is mainly due to the fact that I have had this annoying yet infectious song in my head ALL day, in between trying to conjure up answers for my utterly tedious Spanish Oral exams, but also partly due to the fact that I have realised something. Obviously, Blogger is mainly serenaded by fashion blogs (which I adore and find genuinely interesting). Whilst choosing a topic for this post, I had an epiphany; I have never really mentioned my own fashion taste and style influences to you, my beautiful followers. I am completely aware of the fact that I am no style goddess on materialistic standards, but in the words of Coco Chanel, "Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening". So on that note, I shall start by composing a list of my top 3 'wants' at the moment:

#1. Beatles Memorabilia Natural Tee Shirt - £9.99 H&M
#2. Camel Tapered Trousers - £24.99 H&M 
#3.  Tandem Navy Canvas Deck Trainers - £22.00 TOPSHOP

Now as aforementioned, I'm NOT a trend setter in the slightest, but do like to think that I wear pretty much whatever I like, regardless of whether it's "IN" or not. On a trip to the trusty Primark today, I found a pair of navy and white espadrille flats, and at £3 I was hardly complaining. I plan to wear these with my self-chopped jeans-turned-tapered trousers (which actually did not turn out very well at all, but now my mother is forcing me to wear them to teach me a lesson for cutting 'perfectly cool' expensive jeans. I cry.) I also have my eye on a beautiful little bicycle tee-shirt from Topshop which I found yesterday after a failure of a trip to Ben and Jerry's in Richmond with my friends - we arrived at closing time on the dot.

Starbucks was a faithful and comforting alternative however, and my Skinny Peach and Raspberry muffin more than made up for the loss of Phish Food in my life at that point.

This edit took me 17 minutes. Just saying

On a final note, I am completely aware that my blogging habits have recently been just stupid. And I did promise to step up the pace but the past 3 weeks have been snatched away by exams and revision, that are FINALLY FINALLY OVER WOOOOHOOOOOOOO

I am elated.

Thank you for reading as always, I love comments


Thursday, 31 March 2011

catchup timez

Oh my actual GOSH, hello. 

I do apologise, my blogging habits are like my usual obsessions; intense and creepily avid for a couple weeks, then utter flops, until I remember them a month later and eat myself with guilt and disappointment. I am back 4 GOOD this time, I promise.
Well well well, so much has happened since my last blog post regarding the School Birthday, I cannot deem appropriate a place to begin. Right, I will start with my recent live music accomplishments, as I have become quite the concert raver.
On the 10th March, a few friends and myself spontaneously went to see the delightful Plan B in concert at the 02. Admittedly, I actually detested him before going, but the bribe of free tickets and Wagamamas beforehand entised me into going. After the concert, I can safely say that he has transformed me into sort-of liking him, as it was actually a very fun evening! After arriving home at 12am, school the next day was understandably brutal.

Awful picture quality. Taken on a short pitstop to the 02 toilets. I am in there somewhere, poking my head through pathetically.

My next big concert rave was precisely a week later, on the 17th March (Happy Birthday to vickileestyle at Vintage Stop for that date!) Again, a last minute invite from a friend meant the two of us apallingly navigating our way through the London Underground to reach to 02, where we met her lovely aunty who escorted us to our seats to see none other than Mr Justin Bieber! Luff him or h8 him, he put on an outstanding show, which was enhanced by our fabulous (on the house) seats! It was a brilliant evening, which however resulted in me quite literally catching Bieber Fever and being sick from school the next day. 

I was going to carry on this post and move onto the more blog-appropriate topic of our school fashion show which occured a couple of weeks back, but I'm afraid that it'll drag out and become a bore, so for now, short and sweet is the answer.

Thank you as always for reading, and for my 2 followers that joined through my absence-of-blogging period!
I lurv comments.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

30 kermit the frogs

Friday marked our school's annual birthday, this year being its 131st. It is arguably the one day of the year where we are allowed to 'let loose' a little, which is a slight understatement. Rather deafening chanting in the corridors, warrior striped cheeks and dance competitions summarise the day, not forgetting the finale at the end, where the 4 school houses compete to win the much sought after 'Belitha Cup'. This year, my house, Watson, sadly did not win for what would have been the 3rd year in a row, but we came in a close 2nd. And you know what they say, 1st the worst, 2nd the best...
Before I shower you in green images, I will explain why my friends and I resemble Kermit the Frog; each house has a colour - either blue, green, red or yellow, and Watson's colour is green. Here are some snaps from throughout the day (not the best quality but they're just to give you a general feel of the atmosphere!)

Hope you're all having an excellent half term if you're English, if not then I hope you're just generally having a nice week!
P.S Jessie J is fast becoming a guilty pleasure of mine, 'Price Tag' is adorable! Thoughts on her?


Saturday, 5 February 2011


Greetings loved ones,
Sorry for the absence of blogging, I have had a dismally large pile of schoolwork that managed to engulf and almost drown me, so I have been slowly getting through that, and haven't been allowing myself much leisurely time. 
Now, for those musical fanatics among you, you will have noticed that the title to this post is indeed a reference to the much adored musical, play and movie, My Fair Lady. This half term, we started studying the play "Pygmalion" in class, which I later found out is the basis of My Fair Lady. I have never been much of a musical fan, but I found myself utterly engrossed in this comedic and empathic story line. I have also developed a girl crush on Audrey Hepburn, and I must shamefully admit that this is the first movie I have seen of hers - she has instantly converted me to Hepburnism. Oh and she was absolutely beautiful!


Now, on to another exciting topic; it was my birthday last Thursday! I was initially planning to do a birthday post and explain the events of my amazing day, but due to the aforementioned homework, it was a no-no. So I will give a brief interlude:
I received the most amazing and longly sought after presents, including a certain BlackBerry Curve 8520! ♥
 Much to my dismay, Parents Evening just happened to fall on the evening of my birthday, so instead of celebrating, I had to sit through an hour and a half of coffee-breathed teachers explaining to my parents that I talk 'an unnatural amount'.
However the next day,  I went out shopping and for a birthday meal to Finesse, a Chinese buffet restaurant, with a group of friends which was lovely and worth the wait!

 Aah, that American Apparel tee shirt was one of my beautiful presents, after a gruelling 18 months of lusting after it! :D

 Sorry for the awful picture quality, both images were taken on phones.

I hope you are all having a delightful weekend!

P.S. My face, as posed and unnatural as it looks in the dungarees image, was in fact very natural! I cannot remember what I the joke was, but my friend Naomi made me laugh just before it was taken and bam, I came out looking like a panda. Just saying.


Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Halló vinir mínir*,

I hope you are doing considerably better than I am at the moment; I had an utterly mindblowing headache yesterday, (in a negative way, definitely a negative way) for which I missed school (yay!). By the evening it had almost completely gone, so I decided to pack my school bag and get ready for school tomorrow (which is now today, and now I'm confusing myself so I shall hush.) I was perfectly fine and my usual annoyingly jolly self the whole day, only when I arrived to P.E, and remembered that we were doing Health Related Fitness this term, did I wish I had temporarily broken my leg for the hour. The lesson consisted of exhausting sprinting shuttles. 18 OF THEM D:
So back to the present: Both legs are utterly dead, although my (once non existant) biceps are feeling a little tougher...ha.
Last post, I blogged about how it was a friend's birthday party on the following weekend, which turned out to be awesome! I thought that Little Fockers was a LOT better than critics gave it credit for, and I'm nornally very harsh when critiquing films. The cinema was then followed by TGI Fridays, which was yummy as per usual. Here are a few snaps of the evening! :

^ Me and the birthday girl (she's on the right) doing Asian poses. ;)

Until next time,


*'Hello my friends 'in Icelandic.

Friday, 14 January 2011

week 1: ✓

Hello all! (By all I mean very few, but it's nice to be addressed in a wholesome manner.)

Just a quick note, ultimately to say that I've neared the end of my first re*-blogging week, and it has been a successful one in my eyes! So thank you to everyone who has been commenting on my posts, it is tremendously appreciated! And so fun to read your lovely comments :') Have a fabulous weekend, wherever that may be. I myself am going to a friend's birthday party tomorrow, to see the much anticipated and apparently 'a let down of a movie' 'Little Fockers', which should be those who've seen it, is it any good?! That will be followed by a trip to TGI Fridays, which should be awesome as far as meals go! 
I thought I'd kickstart the weekend in style, with a little treat for my wonderful followers. Do enjoy:

Got to admit, I always feel a little guilty after utterly dying of laughter whilst watching this. But it just is SO funny. I particularly enjoy the purely evil laughter of the lady next to him.

Have a good weekend!

*Read my first post in case  you're confused about the prefix.