Sunday, 15 May 2011



Today, I woke up half paralysed - my bones literally felt as though a tractor had rolled over me in the night and then reversed and then spun me and dropped me back in my bed - or something to that effect

  (Slightly uneccessary image but hey it's a ginger kid on a tractor)

 I grimaced as I remembered that tomorrow, Tuesday and Wednesday are going to be 3 of the most gruelling, crammed working days of my life, as I have both French and Spanish orals to learn (+ in some cases actually write..) So, naturally, I took an extra hour to crawl out of my deliciously warm bed and make myself some toast. I put jam on them, as I was feeling adventurous, woohoo. Upon switching on the TV, I found myself on the CBBC channel watching an old repeat of Tracy Beaker Returns, the one where they take a trip to the beach. Being a die-hard Tracy Beaker fan, I settled down to watch this blessed show.

Guilt eventually crept up on me, and so reluctantly I switched the TV off and made an attempt at learning some of my French oral answers. Even though I'm doing terribly (I've learnt 23/40 answers and it's in two days..), I am still doing surprisingly well in comparison to my fellow pupils and friends. The ones who I've spoken to have all learnt around 4-9. With this in mind, I decided to treat myself to some obviously hard earned leisurely time...

It was during this time. That I discovered. The magic of. BUBBLE TEA

Oh my GOSH.

I have admittedly never tried bubble tea, although after today it is my NUMBER #1 goal in life. This is how the story goes:

I was casually flicking through blogs and came across the cutest little blog. I won't mention the blog's name on here in case the author does not wish for it to be published but I shall ask and soon add it in, permission permitted. Anyhow, I had scrolled down a good month or so when I came across a post primarily on BUBBLE TEA. I'd previously heard of it, having a Taiwanese friend, but had never truly known what it was/what it consisted of. Google was a marvellous help - as always - and led me to understand that bubble/pearl tea is a tea made up of milk, ice and a variety of flavours, not forgetting the all important tapioca balls at the bottom that resemble mini bombs, à mon avis*.

Just a prewarning, these pictures nearly make me cry when I look at them, they're just so perfect. 

I have also managed to hunt down a local-ish Chaboba bubble tea café which I have persuaded mi madre to take me to. YIIPPPPEEEEEEEEEE. I'm worryingly excitable.

Who's tried bubble tea? Leave me a comment below if you like sharing your bubbly experiences, I'm genuinely so interested in this amazing drink O.o ♥

On a final, non-bubble-tea related note, I just found this picture and it is more than fair to say that it has utterly and absolutely shocked and blown my mind. I showed it to my family who laughed. And then resumed their work a second later. For some reason, I just stared at it for about 4 minutes straight, I cannot get my head round it. 

Thank you for reading, comments are like bubble tea. They make me happy

*In my opinion



  1. BUBBLE TEA IS DELICIOUS! you MUST try it haaha. i have relatives who own this shop so we get tons of bubble tea for free HAHAH. ah i can't wait for go back to taiwan and drink it everyday ahh. the balls are gooey and they don't really taste of anything but it goes amazinly well with the tea which is so sweet. i've learn 9 questions... -_- go me..

  2. oh and THOSE PICTURES!!! :OOOOO that is so funny teheheh

  3. BUBBLE TEA <3 it's like one of my favourite drinks! haha i hope you have a good bubble tea experience although i must say they are so much nicer in taiwan ;)

    good luck with your orals! and lol at the ugly step sisters ox

  4. Feel like a loser never having tried bubble tea.

    but the wedding :O
    surely they did it on PURPOSE?

  5. woW
    those pictures are scarily similar
    nice one

  6. I've wanted to try bubble tea for ages but haven't. I definitely shall this summer when I'm back in London.
    That picture of the ginger kid on a tractor definitely brightened my day.

  7. That last picture is hilarious! :)

  8. bubble teeeea! love all these tea images, now I'm thirsty :) I love that last photo, someone has great editing skills! it's hilarious!


  9. this post made me smile so much! i love the randomness of it all =D
    Ahh the ginger kid on the tractor! HAHAH.
    and bubble tea!! ive been meaning to try this stuff out seeing pictures of it all over the place, sounds amazing!
    And wow, those pictures are deffinetly weirdd! in a very funny way, they must have been huely influenced surely? ahaha


    The Trend Palette

  10. I really want to try bubble tea! :) x

  11. I just love it! Would you like to follow each other on GFC and like on facebook page? Kisses


Go ahead, it would honestly make my day :')