Saturday, 14 May 2011

i got so many clothes i keep them in my aunt's house

Now, today's title is mainly due to the fact that I have had this annoying yet infectious song in my head ALL day, in between trying to conjure up answers for my utterly tedious Spanish Oral exams, but also partly due to the fact that I have realised something. Obviously, Blogger is mainly serenaded by fashion blogs (which I adore and find genuinely interesting). Whilst choosing a topic for this post, I had an epiphany; I have never really mentioned my own fashion taste and style influences to you, my beautiful followers. I am completely aware of the fact that I am no style goddess on materialistic standards, but in the words of Coco Chanel, "Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening". So on that note, I shall start by composing a list of my top 3 'wants' at the moment:

#1. Beatles Memorabilia Natural Tee Shirt - £9.99 H&M
#2. Camel Tapered Trousers - £24.99 H&M 
#3.  Tandem Navy Canvas Deck Trainers - £22.00 TOPSHOP

Now as aforementioned, I'm NOT a trend setter in the slightest, but do like to think that I wear pretty much whatever I like, regardless of whether it's "IN" or not. On a trip to the trusty Primark today, I found a pair of navy and white espadrille flats, and at £3 I was hardly complaining. I plan to wear these with my self-chopped jeans-turned-tapered trousers (which actually did not turn out very well at all, but now my mother is forcing me to wear them to teach me a lesson for cutting 'perfectly cool' expensive jeans. I cry.) I also have my eye on a beautiful little bicycle tee-shirt from Topshop which I found yesterday after a failure of a trip to Ben and Jerry's in Richmond with my friends - we arrived at closing time on the dot.

Starbucks was a faithful and comforting alternative however, and my Skinny Peach and Raspberry muffin more than made up for the loss of Phish Food in my life at that point.

This edit took me 17 minutes. Just saying

On a final note, I am completely aware that my blogging habits have recently been just stupid. And I did promise to step up the pace but the past 3 weeks have been snatched away by exams and revision, that are FINALLY FINALLY OVER WOOOOHOOOOOOOO

I am elated.

Thank you for reading as always, I love comments



  1. LOL your mother is so funny making you wear those trousers lolol. ah when i saw the bicycle tee, i really liked it. it actually goes with everything. and how on earth did you spend all that time on that edit?!! haha

  2. those trousers are lush! and hahah i love the skinny blueberry muffins but i do prefer them more so than phish food, but thats also soo good!
    And well done for finishing ur exams! lots of my mates have also.

  3. I love the bicycle T-Shirt. I actually have a similar one but it's navy so you can't see the actual bike :P I think the edit was worth it :) xx

  4. Yes, the bike tee is rather lovely.
    You MUST post a picture of your self tapered jeans :D

    And Mariam, of course you are stylish x

    Follow meee

  5. i love that bike tee! x

  6. Your mum sounds like mine ;) I love the Beatles tee!


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