Saturday, 8 January 2011

new leaf

Hello. I suppose this is the part where I should introduce myself, because it would be impolite not to. I'm Mariam and this is my clean-as-a-whistle new blog. It's not my first time blogging, as I had a blog before this one, but I grew to become incredibly sick of it and needed a change; hence this blog. Now that I've explained why I'm here, I think I shall share with you my 2011 New Years Resolutions, whilst we're in the spirit of newness*. Off I go...

1. First and foremost, to meet JLS, whom I utterly worship.
2. To raise the remaining £300 for my expedition to Croatia in May before the 1st Febuary. (Already failed that one, I can just sense it)
3. To go to either Mexico, America, Australia or Japan. (Both my parents are aerophobiacs so I will indoubtedly have a tough time persuading them on that one, yay.)
4. To learn, after utterly countless years of trying, to do a cartwheel.

*Is newness even a word? Confusion.

And there we have it, now you are that much more knowledgable about myself, obviously extremely useful for you. I hope this hasn't bored you, because I hate being bored and would ultimately detest knowing that I had bored someone else.

And one more thing you ought to know, I'm incredibly sarcastic so please try to keep up, because if you don't understand my sarcasm then you probably won't like me very much.


  1. Good post haha :) although you did already mention them to me :) maybe you could go to japan or whatever withh your sister? i danno :)

  2. Mmm good idea, but I doubt that my mum would let us haha, my sister is the most immature person you have ever met in your life. Maybe one day when she grows up :')

  3. thanks for following, following you too :)
    oh dear, jls fan :/// lol! good luck with your fundraising!

    Vintage Stop at

  4. Newness is a word and a great one at that :)

  5. MARIAM! I didn't even realise this was your blog, I was reading the JLS and croatia stuff and thinking this person was just like you but then I actually saw your name at the top. HAHAHAHAHHA

  6. Oh, a new blog :D Congrats :D
    COme into mine if you want, you're welcome :)

  7. Newness, totally a word, or atleast it is now.
    Screw Croatia, come to Australia!! We're all awesome here :)


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